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Facts About Lerida Estate

Lerida Estate Canberra - Malcolm Burdett & Jim Lumbers in the Vineyard


Canberra District (NSW wine district)


First planted in 1997, 19.6 acres of vines were planted on lower slopes of Lake George Range:

  1. Pinot Noir 9.6 acres
  2. Pinot Gris 3.0 acres
  3. Chardonnay 2.4 acres
  4. Shiraz 1.6 acres
  5. Merlot/Cabernet Franc 1.7/0.5 acres
  6. Viognier 0.8 acres


Realize the full potential of the high, cool Lake George terroir to produce outstanding wine (particularly Pinot Noir), using low yielding vines,1-2 tonnes per acre, with minimal intervention to give the full spectrum of primary and secondary flavours. Rely primarily on own vineyard fruit, but where required, source from local growers of super- premium fruit are prepared to reduce yield and manage for the highest flavour development. Lerida Estate is now a Halliday 5-star winery.

Essence of Lerida Estate

Lerida Estate prides itself on excellence in design of both our wine and winery. Our wines are carefully crafted by our winemaker to reflect the Lake George ‘terroir’. The wines are now recognised as being among the most stylish not only in the Canberra District, but in Australia and internationally. Our winery is designed by the distinguished Australian architect, Glenn Murcutt, and ‘sits lightly’ on the ethereal Lake George landscape. Lerida Estate wines are made in small quantities and not always easy to find, but are increasingly sought after by those who are prepared to make the effort to seek out unique and rewarding taste experiences.



Canberra & Region: Cellar door, restaurants, independent bottle shops, ILR-affiliated bottle shops, Vintage Cellars, 1st Choice, Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths and BWS stores.

Sydney: Restaurants & bottle shops - including independent bottles shops and Vintage Cellars, 1st Choice and Dan Murphy’s stores. Also some corporate wine suppliers.

Via our Online Shop.


Canberra: Direct Sales. Sales Representative is Dee Ann Jacobs on 0488 446 511

Sydney: Direct Sales. Sales Representative is Wayne McAuliffe 0420 363 004


Exports to China.


Dr Edgar Riek’s work over 20 years at Lake George Winery (adjacent vineyard), making small quantities of outstanding Pinot Noir. With wild yeast and a strong focus on naturally ripened bunch tannins, he succeeded in making some of the best New World Pinot Noirs we have seen.

Lerida Estate CanberraName of Vineyard

The name ‘Lerida’ was first given to the Lake George region by the Scottish-born explorer and surveyor of South East Australia, Major Thomas Mitchell. Mitchell served in Portugal, and during this period travelled in Spain, including around the area of Lerida. In 1827, Mitchell took up the position of Surveyor-General of NSW, and in this position, he travelled to the Lake George region and named a creek a few miles north-west of Lake George ‘Lerida Creek’ because it reminded him of Lerida in Spain. Subsequently, Hamilton Hume called his property on the creek ‘Lerida’. Jim & Anne picked up this name for their vineyard

Cellar Door & Restaurant

10am to 5pm, 7 days a week (closed Good Friday and Christmas Day).

Venue Hire

Our courtyard and barrel room are available for functions for up to 60 people, including birthday parties, social group events and Christmas parties.


Winery (P): 02 4848 0231

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