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The Winery

Winery.jpgThe Lerida Estate winery was designed by Australia’s leading architect, Glenn Murcutt.

Glenn's design philosophy is one that not only incorporates environmental sensitivity, but also evokes the distinctive features of the landscape.

The Lerida winery is the first winery Glenn has designed.

It is a wonderful building - in a beautiful landscape - and the home of some wonderful wines. A visit to Lerida will, therefore, provide an opportunity to see some very innovative architecture, as well as to taste excellent wines.

The Building

A winery building is, above all else, totally functional. Our architect, Glenn Murcutt, questioned us, and our winemaker exhaustively on every aspect of wine from bringing in the vintage, crushing, pressing, fermentation, maturation, and bottling to entertaining visitors, tastings, and sales. We visited a large number of boutique and larger wineries in Australia, France, and Italy, and have incorporated ideas from each country.

winery_courtyard.jpgGlenn produced designs for various sites before settling on the final location. The final location for the winery was selected to provide the right balance between accessibility, fit with the landscape, and outlook. The wine making process flows through the building with grapes arriving at the northern end, and progressing through fermentation and barrel maturation to end up one or two years later as bottled wine to be enjoyed and purchased from the tasting room at the southern end.

The tasting room and adjoining courtyard enjoy superb views over the often dry Lake George, and can also be used for small corporate functions such as board meetings and product launches. It can be combined with the barrel room to cater for larger events such as weddings.

Even the height of the building was determined by the requirements of the wine making process. The 6 metre roof allows us to use a French technique, pigeage, essential for the production of the finest Pinot Noir wines.

A row of large rainwater tanks guard the eastern face of the building, moderating the temperature, and providing the large quantities of water needed for the constant washing and cleaning in the wine making process.